By Tom Kampert   AZOD shooting editor



Back in February of this year, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas submitted a bill called “The 2nd Amendment Protection Act of 2007”(HR 1096). Unfortunately, it looks like it will never see the light of day.  WHY?  Because there are NO co-sponsors…and co-sponsors are needed to even get it a committee hearing. 


As was expected, when the Democratic Party gained control of both houses of Congress, gun control bills poured forth like never before.  Congresswoman Caroline McCarthy offered her new and improved version of the Clinton “Assault Weapons Ban”.  Not to be out done, several other members of the House and Senate submitted bills that, if passed, would require registration of all firearms as well as “safe Storage” requirements that would be monitored by Government agents yet to be determined.  In the midst of all this, Congressman Ron Paul submitted his 2nd Amendment Protection Bill.  This Bill, if passed, would drastically reduce the number of gun control laws on the books.  In fact, not only would most Federal laws become void, but most State laws would become null and void also.  Since nearly all gun control laws are pre-emptive in nature (they restrict your 2nd Amendment right because YOU MIGHT commit a crime) they are blatantly unconstitutional to start with. Therefore, one would  think that those members of The House, who proclaimed their support for the 2nd Amendment, would be lining up to sign on as co-sponsors. But, that has NOT been the case.   Not one has signed on. Not even our own Trent Franks…who’s mailings nearly always mention his undying support for the 2nd Amendment.  What’s going on here?  I wish I knew.


I called Congressman Franks’ office twice regarding this legislation and spoke to a spokesperson in his Washington office. On my first call in May, I asked why he was not a co-sponsor they said “they were unaware that the legislation even existed but would look into it”.  I waited two more months and, since there were still no co-sponsors, I called again.  This time I asked the direct question…”Does the Congressman support this legislation or not?  They took my name and address as well as my e-mail address and promised an answer by the end of that week…..To date, I’ve received NO e-mail, NO phone calls and NO letters from either the Congressman, or a spokesperson, regarding this legislation.  Why is the Congressman being silent?  Were his pro-2nd Amendment statements just lip service to get elected?  Sure looks like it.  When it came time to really show his support, to actually live up to his oath of office, it appears that he has chosen to ignore my questions in the hopes that I will go away.  Sorry Congressman,,,,I won’t go away.  You will be hearing from me again, and again, until I get an answer…azod