Lately Iíve had quite a few people ask me about cooking javelina. As I stated in an earlier article, one of favorite things to do with a javelina is to have it made into sausage and bratwurst. The spices do wonderful things for javelina meat. The other way I enjoy it is shredded. You can use a pressure cooker, smoker, crock pot or pit barbecue. At the time Iím cooking it I usually add garlic cloves, seasoned salt and black pepper. Once Iíve shredded the meat then I add barbecue or teriyaki sauce. The teriyaki javelina goes well over rice while I eat the barbecued javelina just like a sloppy joe. While growing up as a child, javelina-sloppy joe style, was one of my favorite meals. The place my dad took his also made their own barbecue sauce. If you could find a place like that, you would understand why a child would love it.

Annette Urquides