More on Javelina


Lisa; a friend of mine has sent this recipe and it’s perfect timing with javelina season in full force:


Try this one with Javelina Chorizo. It’s a house favorite in the winter time and easy to fix.

Rodente Chili

˝ lb Javelina Chorizo

4+ (15oz) Cans S&W Zesty Chili Beans

1 tsp. Garlic Powder

Lawry’s Seasoning

Chili Powder to taste

Red Chili (optional)

1 lb. Pork Stew Meat, cut small (you can substitute with beef or javelina)

1 (15oz) Can Diced Tomato

4oz Can Tomato Sauce

Water for desired thickness

Combine these all in your crock pot. I normally start out in the morning with the uncooked meat and enough water to cover it. Later in the day I add the additional ingredients. You can jazz it up however you like with diced green chiles, bell pepper, fresh tomato or celery. Nobody will ever know that they are eating javelina unless you tell them! Serve with tortillas for that Southwestern flair.

Cooking Javelina


Remember, good tasting javelina meals start in the field. You must take care when field dressing this animal. Especially if you want your family to ever try it again. Here are a few pointers:

  • Do not touch the musk gland on the lower back area of the animal, leave it on the hide.
  • Do not gut the animal before you skin it.
  • Do not let your hand go from touching the hide to touching the meat. Rinse off between skinning and gutting.
  • Wrap in a game bag and then immediately ice it. The quicker you can get the animal cold, the better it is going to taste.

These are just a few pointers to try out once you get your animal down. Good Luck!

I also tried the Javelina Sausage Chili recipe with Cajun Javelina. Great spices! Annette Urquides , Wild Cooking Editor for AZOD